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Re: setup 2.871 fails from command line on Windows 7 with "setup-x86.exe has stopped working"

MORGAN Marc <Marc.MORGAN <at>> writes:
> Even running just "setup-x86.exe -h" gives a "setup-x86.exe has stopped
working" pop up message after
> having displayed the help message.

That message comes from Windows when it thinks that the application
terminated in an unusual way.

> I'm trying to use it to do a quiet install of all packages from my local
package directory which installed
> interactively correctly on another Windows XP PC.
> Setup starts by asking for my password to validate admin rights. Then it
gives 2 fail messages about missing
> files: /etc/setup/installed.db and /etc/setup/timestamp
> Nonetheless, the installation process runs: adding dependencies,
extracting files and running
> postinstalls. But I get 2 "setup-x86.exe has stopped working" pop up
messages in this case (close to the
> beginning and end of the installation run)

That sounds like some other process inserts itself into the start and
termination of setup-x86.exe.  Try renaming it to something that doesn't
have "setup" in it and/or check that you haven't earlier set the application
to run in some "compatibility" mode.

> PS: and BTW the answer on the Cygwin web site about "Q: Is there a
command-line installer?" does not make
> sense to me. "[...] The basic reason for not having a more full-featured
package manager is that such a
> program would need full access to all of Cygwin's POSIX functionality.
That is, however, difficult to
> provide in a Cygwin-free environment, such as exists on first
installation. [...]" If setup can install
> Cygwin interactively from a Cygwin-free environment, what should keep it
from doing it from the DOS
> command line too?

You've read the question wrong and misinterpreted the answer as a result:
setup.exe is not a Cygwin application and it has limited functionality to
keep it manageable.  You can do an install from the command-line with it,
but it requires a lot more preparation than a proper package manager and it
still runs as a Windows GUI program.


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