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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: xwin-xdg-menu-20150708-1

The following packages have been added to the Cygwin distribution:

* xwin-xdg-menu

xwin-xdg-menu is an XDG Desktop Menu Specification [1] menu for the X Window System running in the Cygwin environment.

xwin-xdg-menu reads the menu specification and desktop entries, and constructs a menu which is accessed from a notification area icon.


The changes since the last release are:

* Fix menu icons having a black background on Windows XP
* Remove 'View logfile' from the menu if stdout is a tty

b3de439fd2a6a7d1956e3ecb58b5b3e6 *xwin-xdg-menu-20150708-1-src.tar.xz
ced72e36e35bdab7c7948fe71f94dbd9 *xwin-xdg-menu-20150708-1.tar.xz
5817bfcf862063c2b1d6b35ab9056f11 *xwin-xdg-menu-debuginfo-20150708-1.tar.xz

985538620e5f9a163c047638566cbe0c *xwin-xdg-menu-20150708-1-src.tar.xz
c305270f2db9da7e04d97b8ce7900be0 *xwin-xdg-menu-20150708-1.tar.xz
90403d9663c48a5aa68fb0768a242afb *xwin-xdg-menu-debuginfo-20150708-1.tar.xz

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