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RE: New apache 2.4 package

> I was trying to install the new httpd (apache 2.4) package today, and can't 
> seem to find the equivalent of the old /usr/sbin/httpd2-config file (which 
> created the Windows service).  Does that still exist?  If so, can you please 
> point me to where it lives now?  Or is service creation now a manual task?
> I tried find -iname "*-config" from / and did not find it.

After digging a bit more, I found additional -k options on the httpd man page, which would suggest that

/usr/sbin/httpd -k install

might install httpd as a windows service.  However, when I do this I get an "illegal usage" message, along with the usage help (which does not include the -k install option, but only start/restart/graceful/graceful-stop/stop for -k).  I suspect that when the man page says "only on the Windows platform" they are not referring to Cygwin, but native windows instead.

As a result, I moved further on to simply using cygrunsrv.  The old httpd2_config file creates some directories and then does:

cygrunsrv -I httpd2 -d "CYGWIN Apache2 web server" -p /usr/sbin/httpd2 -a "-DNO_DETACH -k start"

so I believe that this should work (minus all the twos).


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