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Re: libMagickCore6_2- (x86) in wrong compression format

On 7/9/2015 12:06 AM, Peng He wrote:
In the ImageMagick- (x86) package updated on Sun, 31 May 2015,


seems to be a bzip2 archive instead of an xz archive, as indicated by
the file extension.

I found this problem when installing babun (,

curios our hippo as a baboon as stepson

where the downstream installation was broken by this package. I
noticed this problem on several mirrors. All other .xz files in this
package seems to be consistent with the extension.

Please help to solve this. Thanks!


re-uploaded in the right format.
Give some time to the mirrors to propagate.

by the way libMagickCore6_2- is not anymore
the current version


so the real format of libMagickCore6_2-
should have been irrelevant.

Cygwin setup seems to no care, as it is not using the
extension to determine the real file nature.


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