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Re: Looking for 64-bit proxy

> Marco Atzeri wrote:
> you seem to have other ssh issue.
> Using the 64 bit version with
>  connect-proxy.exe -d -p 80 -H  22
> I was able to ssh connect on USA server passing
> through a France HTTPS server (
> both from cygwin at 32 and 64 bit.
> I will upload both version
> Regards
> Marco


As you guessed, the problem was on my end.  I installed the latest, official
connect-proxy for both 32-bit and 64-bit.  The 32-bit worked fine on my WinXP
PC and the 64-bit failed on Win7.  So I got smart and used the -d (debug) option
of the proxy command and compared the WinXP output and the Win7 output.  It quickly
jumped out that the problem was I had a tunnel connection set up on WinXP but not
Win7.  That's because I was remotely connected from my WinXP to my Win7 and "in
my mind" I already had a tunnel connection but, of course, it was only on the
WinXP.  Once I set up the tunnel connection on Win7 everything worked fine.

Thanks so much for taking care of this.


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