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Re: ACL Hell

To Larry Hall:

1. I'd love to reply to your post, but I'm new to this mailing-list
concept so I neglected to subscribe to the mailing list (yeah, I'm an
old fashioned kinda guy, work only with thread-level google-groups /
StackOverflow forum types ;)
TBH: If Andrey wouldn't have CC'ed me on his reply, I wouldn't even
know that someone addressed my case...

2. I admit I didn't read the whole Reporting Problems page. As soon as
I found the 'appropriate mailing list' link, I was off to another
2.1. Having read the page in full, I apologize for violating 3+ rules.

3. To the matter at hand: first of all, I attached cygcheck.out to this mail.
Second, indeed I am using a non-default symlink mode:
"winsymlinks:nativestrict". This is the only mode that work for my
needs (I can elaborate upon request).

Have to say that even after re-reading the documentation now, I don't
see it mentioning anything about elevated privileges.
I AM aware of the fact that with an elevated session, the problem doesn't exist.
However, I avoided using this mode because every new file/directory
were created as Administrators:None instead of sky:None.
For some weird reason, I just tried creating both a file and a
directory with an elevated session and they were created with
sky:None... I can't tell what's what anymore (sorry, I just got
totally baffled).

Still, how can I get a normal behavior (i.e. normal Windows symlinks
as produces in winsymlinks:nativestrict mode) in a regular session w/o


On Wed, Jul 15, 2015 at 10:17 PM, Sky Diver <> wrote:
> Hey Andrey,
>> Are you running with superadmin credentials?
>> Unlike Linux, Windows doesn't let regular users make symlinks.
> I'm using cygwin for years already.
> I didn't use to have this problem in the past. It's something
> relatively new, that became way more intense in the past few months
> where I both re-installed windows at home, and got a fresh PC at work.
> On both machines I'm referring to the main user, which is part of the
> Administrators group.
> I believe that answers your question.
> Both machine are Windows 8.1 64-bit, standalone station at home and
> part of a domain at work.
> One more thing, here's my CYGWIN env. varv:
> $ echo $CYGWIN
> winsymlinks:nativestrict
> This is the only way to produce windows compliant links (at least in my case).
> Thanks.

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