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msbuild not being found


I am seeing an issue when I run msbuild where I will get "msbuild: command not found". I will then run "which msbuild", where it will then tell me "no msbuild in...". The path to msbuild is within PATH, so it should be able to find it.

I did a check to make sure that msbuild does exist in the proper directory and it does.
$ ls -al /cygdrive/c/Windows/Microsoft.NET/Framework/v4.0.30319 | grep -i msbui
drwx------+ 1 SYSTEM           SYSTEM                 0 May 15  2014 MSBuild
-rwx------+ 1 SYSTEM           SYSTEM            267176 Jul  9  2012 MSBuild.exe

-rwx------+ 1 SYSTEM           SYSTEM               732 Mar 18  2010 MSBuild.rsp

-rwx------+ 1 SYSTEM           SYSTEM              1734 Mar 18  2010 msbuild.exe

I can do a "which msbuild.exe" and it will tell me where it is.

I don't see this happen with any other commands where it needs the extension to find it.

Ex. "which ipconfig" works fine.

Any tips to further look into this issue?

Ben Cao

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