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Re: SIGINT generated by Control-C, is not delivered in mintty

>> > Indeed, it does! When starting it from a desktop shortcut, it works, but
>> > when started as a background process, it doesn't.
>> Ah, so that is the "Cygwin console" # i.e. execution of the file
>> Cygwin.bat, located in the "Windows Cygwin root".
> Actually no, though the difference doesn't matter - but for the safe
> side, here are the gory details:
> In a cmd.exe Command window (or, to be more precise, in a command window
> hosted by the Console2 console), I use the command
>      cmd /c c:\cygwin64\bin\zsh -l
> to start an interactive zsh Shell, and from *this*, I start a Ruby
> program, and from *this*, a mintty is started in the background.
> But I can see the effect simpler in this way: Just open a DOS Command
> Window, and in the command line type
>     c:\cygwin64\bin\zsh -c /usr/bin/mintty
> and the error can be reproduced. BTW, same effect with bash instead of
> zsh.


For the moment, invoke mintty through cmd, i.e. put cmd between Ruby and
mintty. That should help.

The trick is to make mintty NOT interact with a cons.


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