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Minor issues with Cygwin/X FAQ webpage

I happened to be looking at and I noticed some
oddities which might call for fixing.  This is the only place I could
find for reporting such issues, though of course it's entirely possible
I missed something; FAQ item 1.9 makes me think there should be
somewhere better, but on reading (as
linked to by the FAQ), it's not clear what it would be.

In FAQ item 1.9, I find

    Cygwin/X has a mailing list, namely,  [...]

     Tip: Post your X-related inquires to only; do
     not post nor cross post your inquires to the
     mailing list.  [...]

Surely those list addresses shouldn't _all_ be the same...?

While less important, I also find

   12.8. Isn't "XWin" trademarked by StarNet Communications?

   No. A quick search at the United States Patent and Trademark Office
   for "XWin" [...]

The question does not specify a jurisdiction; that XWin is not a
relevant trademark in the USA does not mean it's not elsewhere.  (While
I'm not aware of any where it is, I haven't gone looking.  I'm mostly
just trying to counter the "the USA is the whole world" tendency I see
creeping in here as it already has far too many other places.)

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