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Re: SIGINT generated by Control-C, is not delivered in mintty

Am 20.07.2015 um 15:40 schrieb Houder:
Indeed, it does! When starting it from a desktop shortcut, it works, but
when started as a background process, it doesn't.
Ah, so that is the "Cygwin console" # i.e. execution of the file
Cygwin.bat, located in the "Windows Cygwin root".
Actually no, though the difference doesn't matter - but for the safe
side, here are the gory details:

In a cmd.exe Command window (or, to be more precise, in a command window
hosted by the Console2 console), I use the command

      cmd /c c:\cygwin64\bin\zsh -l

to start an interactive zsh Shell, and from *this*, I start a Ruby
program, and from *this*, a mintty is started in the background.

But I can see the effect simpler in this way: Just open a DOS Command
Window, and in the command line type

     c:\cygwin64\bin\zsh -c /usr/bin/mintty

and the error can be reproduced. BTW, same effect with bash instead of

For the moment, invoke mintty through cmd, i.e. put cmd between Ruby and
mintty. That should help.
It also helps to prefix the invocation in setsid: from cmd / bash (Cygwin.bat):
setsid mintty
works fine.
The trick is to make mintty NOT interact with a cons.
Not sure in what way mintty would "interact" with the console here.

I should be able to simulate the setsid within mintty although a simple call to setsid() did not succeed. I guess that would be a workaround rather than a fix because I suspect the problem to be in cygwin; it had appeared in cygwin 1.7.18 and the changelog lists plenty of changes related to signal handling.

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