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Re: Minor issues with Cygwin/X FAQ webpage

> This is the correct place to report such issues.

Good; always nice to get confirmation I guessed right. :-)

>> In FAQ item 1.9, [...]
>> Surely those list addresses shouldn't _all_ be the same...?
> This piece of text obviously doesn't make much sense after the
> search-and-replace which happened when the cygwin-xfree list was
> deprecated.

Ah!  I wondered how that had happened.  Makes perfect sense now.
Though, I do note, the new wording makes it sound as though cygwin@ is
specifically for Cygwin/X, rather than all of Cygwin.  As a strawman
for a fix, how about

	Not for Cygwin/X specifically, but Cygwin/X traffic is
	appropriate for the main Cygwin list at cygwin@....

>>     12.8. Isn't "XWin" trademarked by StarNet Communications?

>>     No.  A quick search at the United States Patent and Trademark
>>     Office for "XWin" [...]
>> The question does not specify a jurisdiction; [...]
> I don't know why this is in the FAQ.  It seems to record the
> discussion at [1].

It does, it does indeed.  I did a few searches against the archives,
but must have missed the search terms which would have turned up that
one.  (Not surprising; my search-fu is quite weak.)

> How would you suggest rewriting this?

It could be as simple as changing the answer to something like

	Not in the USA, at least; a quick search at...

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