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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: TeX Live 2015

Cygwin's TeX Live packages have been updated to the latest upstream release, TeX Live 2015.

TeX Live provides a comprehensive, cross-platform TeX system. It includes all the major TeX-related programs, macro packages, and fonts that are free software, including support for many languages around the world. For more information, see

The TeX Live executables and supporting libraries are contained in the following Cygwin packages:

* texlive-20150521-1

* libkpathsea6-20150521-1
* libkpathsea-devel-20150521-1

libkpathsea is a TeX file and path search library.

* libptexenc1-20150521-1
* libptexenc-devel-20150521-1

libptexenc is a TeX Unicode encoding library.

* libsync1-20150521-1
* libsync-devel-20150521-1

libsync is a TeX source/output synchronization library.

* libtexlua52_5-20150521-1
* libtexlua52-devel-20150521-1

libtexlua52 is a TeX lua scripting library.

* libtexluajit2-20150521-1 (x86 only)
* libtexluajit-devel-20150521-1 (x86 only)

libtexluajit is a TeX Just-In-Time lua compiler library.

libsync, libtexlua52, and libtexluajit are new (as standalone libraries) with TeX Live 2015.

* asymptote-2.35-1

Asymptote is a powerful descriptive vector graphics language for technical drawing, inspired by MetaPost but with an improved C++-like syntax. Asymptote provides for figures the same high-quality typesetting that LaTeX does for scientific text.

In addition, upstream TeX Live provides thousands of "packages", grouped into "collections". There is a Cygwin package for each upstream collection; there are also Cygwin packages containing documentation for some of the collections.

* texlive-collection-basic-20150617-1
* texlive-collection-basic-doc-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-bibtexextra-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-bibtexextra-doc-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-binextra-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-binextra-doc-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-context-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-context-doc-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-fontsextra-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-fontsextra-doc-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-fontsrecommended-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-fontsrecommended-doc-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-fontutils-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-fontutils-doc-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-formatsextra-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-games-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-genericextra-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-genericextra-doc-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-genericrecommended-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-genericrecommended-doc-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-htmlxml-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-humanities-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-humanities-doc-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-langafrican-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-langarabic-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-langchinese-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-langcjk-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-langcyrillic-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-langczechslovak-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-langenglish-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-langeuropean-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-langfrench-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-langgerman-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-langgreek-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-langindic-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-langitalian-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-langjapanese-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-langkorean-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-langother-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-langpolish-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-langportuguese-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-langspanish-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-latex-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-latex-doc-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-latexextra-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-latexextra-doc-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-latexrecommended-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-latexrecommended-doc-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-luatex-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-luatex-doc-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-mathextra-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-mathextra-doc-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-metapost-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-metapost-doc-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-music-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-music-doc-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-omega-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-pictures-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-pictures-doc-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-plainextra-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-pstricks-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-pstricks-doc-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-publishers-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-publishers-doc-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-science-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-science-doc-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-xetex-20150521-1
* texlive-collection-xetex-doc-20150521-1

Most people do not need the full TeX Live installation, which is huge and can take a long time to install. If you're not sure what you need, here are some possible ways to start:

Minimal: Install texlive and its dependencies. This provides plain TeX but not LaTeX.

Small: Install texlive-collection-latex and its dependencies. This is a minimal installation with LaTeX.

Standard: Install texlive-collection-latexrecommended and its dependencies. This provides the most commonly used non-graphics LaTeX packages. Install texlive-collection-pictures if you want the standard graphics packages too.

If you find you need more, consider installing the following packages:

* texlive-collection-bibtexextra
* texlive-collection-binextra
* texlive-collection-fontsextra
* texlive-collection-formatsextra
* texlive-collection-genericextra
* texlive-collection-latexextra
* texlive-collection-mathextra

There is a script /usr/bin/texlive-enable-fontconfig that you can run if you want the fonts distributed with TeX Live to be available to applications that rely on fontconfig. See /usr/share/doc/texlive/README.Cygwin for more details. (The script can take a few minutes to run, so be patient.)

Ken Brown
Cygwin's TeX Live maintainer

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