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RE: Error installing/updating Cygwin on Windows 10

Hi Larry,

My apologies - I now see the email that indicates the package was updated to address this specific issue!

Problem's solved.



> Subject: Re: Error installing/updating Cygwin on Windows 10
> To:
> From:
> Date: Sun, 24 Jan 2016 21:54:48 -0500
> On 1/24/2016 8:53 PM, Maarten Jacobs wrote:
>> Duncan - thanks for the suggestion!
>> Larry - I'm not sure what you mean by " If you use the latest Cygwin
>> package, you won't see this error.". This error started when I installed
>> Cygwin from scratch, using the latest setup.exe from the website.
>> Presumably using the setup.exe from the website, and starting with a
>> clean install should ensure I have the "latest Cygwin package" -
>> whichever package this maye be?
> the Cygwin distribution is a rolling release so at any point in time,
> you're installing the latest packages, assuming you don't specify other
> available versions. But, since you installed, the Cygwin package itself has
> been updated to address the specific issue you're seeing. If you want the
> benefits of that, you should upgrade (or reinstall). If you don't, that's
> fine. But my response was as much for others that may see this thread as
> for you. In other words, regardless of whether you find Duncan's
> information helpful, others should not need to use it. If someone finds
> that's not true, the problem should be reported to the list using the
> problem reporting guidelines found at the link below:
> <>
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> Larry
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