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OpenSSH access to join the "Local Account" group


I have a couple of Windows 7 machines set up as OpenSSH servers.  Both are
current with windows updates.   Both machines have identical cygwin
versions (2.0.4-1).  I have tried to make the sshd configuration identical
on these two machines, following the instructions on

I have set up the client machines, generated rsa keys, and copied the
public keys into the authorized_keys file on the server.  Now I can log in
to both machines without providing a password.  So far so good.

When I ssh log in to machine A and check the id that I am logged in with, I get:

uid=197608(User) gid=197121(None) groups=197121(None),114(Local account and
member of Administrators
LOGON),11(Authenticated Users),15(This Organization),113(Local
account),4095(CurrentSession),262154(NTLM Authentication),405504(High
Mandatory Level)

which is what I need in order to interact with some other resources on the

When I ssh log in to machine B and check the id I get:

uid=197608(Owner) gid=197121(None) groups=197121(None),11(Authenticated
Users),66048(LOCAL),66049(CONSOLE LOGON),4(INTERACTIVE),15(This
Mandatory Level)

However, if on my local client if I remove the private key from the .ssh
directory and ssh login again, this time having to specify a password, my
session will join the "Local account" group as I want.

Is there a configuration that I am missing in order to get machine B to
join the "Local account" group when I log in using an rsa key?  What could
be different between the two machines?



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