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Re: mktemp() fails on Wine 1.9.3 + Cygwin 2.5.0-0.2

I'm not able to debug it right now, but if you have time, I would
suggest the following approach:

Firstly, get two/three strace logs, one from Cygwin 2.3 + Wine, one
from Cygwin 2.5 + Wine, and one from Cygwin 2.5 on Windows if you have
Using vimdiff to compare 1.log, 2.log and 3.log, remove/replace some
useless noise (like timestamp, process id, etc), vimdiff would give
you pretty comparison result, and help you find out which part has
changed between different version or between different platform.

Secondly, get two WINEDEBUG logs [1]:

Run wine with WINEDEBUG=+tid,+pid,+relay like below:
WINEDEBUG=+tid,+pid,+relay wineconsole usr/bin/bash >> /tmp/cygwin.good.log
(test mktemp inside wineconsole)

Search for mktemp.exe and record down the pid number of mktemp.exe,
grep the log of mktemp.exe from cygwin.good.log by the tid number.

Repeat the above step for /tmp/cygwin.bad.log and compare the good
version with the bad version using vimdiff or anything like that.
Again, remove/replace noise information like pid numbers, after that
vimdiff would provide pretty nice comparison for you.

By gather information from the strace log comparison and the WINEDEBUG
log comparison, we would be very closed to what's wrong in Wine. Once
you need more details log, you might consider more Wine debug channel
like WINEDEBUG=+tid,+pid,+relay,+file,+ntdll or something else, see
[1] for an introduction. If you are too curious, you are encouraged to
download Wine source code and start hacking!


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