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Re: XWin won't run xterm on start

On 21/02/2016 15:38, Jaakov Jaakov wrote:

Dear all:
How to make xterm start automatically on XWin start? When I run XWin
from a Windows shortcut, the X Server starts, but not an xterm. The same
happens when I run startxwin from a cygwin terminal.
(After the X server starts, choosing xterm from the graphical menu does
bring up an xterm window. So, xterm is functional.)

The Cygwin/X FAQ is not helpful: there is no CYGWIN environment variable
on my system and there is no particular error message. (The system is
completely updated as of today. Due to strong filtering of the mailing
list, the output of cygcheck cannot be attached in my case; it can be
sent it to a private e-mail address if asked.)

Any help? Thanks in advance,


You may create a ~/.startxwinrc script to customize the client programs started, rather than using the default /etc/X11/xinit/startxwinrc script.

see EXAMPLE on

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