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RE: Re: XWin won't run xterm on start

> Dear Marco:
> So, are you saying that not starting xterm is by design?


Well, then, apparently, the design changed several months ago.

> The manpage above is a bit outdated; creating a .startxwinrc with
> xrdb -load $HOME/.Xresources
> xbiff -geometry -430+5 &
> oclock -geometry 75x75-0-0 &
> xload -geometry -80-0 &
> xterm -geometry +0+60 -ls &
> xterm -geometry +0-100 &
> xconsole -geometry -0+0 -fn 5x7 &
> exec fbpanel -profile multiwindow
> and running startxwin from the text console results in
> ---

It is an example....

try just

xterm -geometry +0+60 -ls &
xterm -geometry +0-100 &
exec  ÂÂxclock

killing xclock will shutdown the X server.
You can use any other program for that.

Thank you, I see. I cannot use xclock - we have one clock in Windows(TM) already, but I'll choose something.
Is there any way to do whatever the current version of
/etc/X11/xinit/startxwinrc does (xwin-xdg-menu, gnome-keyring-daemon, and lots of other goodies which I sometimes need) and, in addition (as opposed to "instead"), run uxterm?

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