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Re: XWin won't run xterm on start

On 2/22/2016 3:46 PM, Jaakov wrote:
Ah, perhaps.  There may be ways to catch that, but it may be easier
for the
OP to copy the startxwinrc file's contents.  Not the best for
responding to
future changes ...

One way to prevent recursion is

if [[ "$FILEINCLUDED" != "1" ]];
   export FILEINCLUDED=1
   ...  # do real job here

However, placing this either into the systemwide startxwinrc or into the
local .startxwinrc would not do anything useful.

The right thing to do would be to append a call to
$HOME/.startxwinrc_final (this name is freshly invented, feel free to
change) at the end of the systemwide startxwinrc. An alternative would
be to call $HOME/.startxwinrc_final from the same place from where the
systemwide startxwinrc is called; namely right after it.

Anyone feeling of doing this?

There's no need for this complexity. If you don't like what the system startxwinrc does, just copy it to ~/.startxwinrc and modify it to suit your purposes.


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