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Re: Cygwin 1.7-58 with windows 2008

On 23/02/2016 04:34, Rashi Singhal wrote:
Hi ,

We have call to "msgsnd" function that fails after processing 3 to 4 messages.

We tried both Block and NO Block mechanism (IPC_NOWAIT)

Also we changes configuration of cygserver.conf .This increases
message processing to 8-10 messages.But fails after that.

Attached is cygserver.conf file for reference:

I don't know if that is relevant , but please note that the file is with "with CRLF line terminators"

I tested cygserver with msgtool from cygutils-extra package

a=0 ; while [ $? -eq 0 ] ; do a=$[$a+1] ; echo $a ; msgtool s $a "This is test" ; done

a=0 ; while [ $? -eq 0 ] ; do a=$[$a+1] ; echo $a ; msgtool r $a ; done

The system default accepts up to 40 messages so it seems strange that
it fails on 8-10 messages or less on your system.

I suggest you to look on output of
/usr/sbin/cygserver.exe -d

for hints on why is not working for your application.

Until you provide us a simple test case that we can replicate,
I doubt we can understand or solve the issue you meet.


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