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Re: XWin won't run xterm on start

> On 2/23/2016 3:42 PM, Jaakov wrote:
>    Ken, I'll try your file, thanks a lot!
>    But let us recapitulate that such files get outdated very quickly.
> Your best defense against this is to read the xinit release
> announcements. You can always ask for help if you want to change the
> new behavior and aren't sure how.
> Here are the last two announcements in which there were major changes
> to the xinit package; both of them spelled out the changes very
> clearly:

Inside, Yaakov says
"* xterm is no longer started by default.  Users may start their choice
of terminal from the menu."

So, let me beg for an excuse, I should have really read that earlier. However, search engines did not give me that message and

misled me, since it said "Task manager shows the startxwin.exe process starting, spawning XWin.exe and xterm.exe,..." This FAQ entry is outdated and should be adapted.

In any case, let me thank you for you help and links!


Jaakov (with J, not Y).

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