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Re: core dump on rebaseall

On 02/24/2016 06:30 PM, Michael Steiner wrote:

Chasing a vfork issue in emacs prevening on sub-shell or dired on a
uptodate cygwin install, i followed the FAQ and tried to do a
rebaseall.  Unfortunately, that resulted in a core dump with the
rebase.exe.statckdump mentioning a STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION problem!  I
then also noticed, that an update with the latest version of the
setup.exe also causes a rebase.exe.stackdump in c:\cygwin64!.
Subsequent attempts rebasing in safe mode or after re-installing
everything (via setup and click on All until it says re-install) had
the same problem, as did upgrading cyginw, cygwin-debuginfo and
cygwin-devel from the current 2.4.1-1 to :-(   [The vfork
problem in emacs, though, did disappear ..]

I have cygwin running via a few months and didn't change anything in
the config recently (although i did run setup to update to latest
version). Unfortunately, i have no idea when setup also caused to
coredump on rebase. It might have done it already for a while but as
it doesn't complain, i have no idea when the rebase.exe.stackdump
started showing up in c:\cygwin64.

I googled for this problem but couldn't find any references to rebase
itself failing.  Anybody has an idea what's going on and/or how to
debug or work around?

Did you stop your services before upgrading/rebasing?  Do you have
any Cygwin executables or DLLs that aren't part of the distribution?



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