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Can't link .res file (from windres) using i686-pc-mingw32-g++

I  have a 64-bit Cygwin environment.  I'm trying to compile a 32-bit
(target) Windows program using i686-pc-mingw32-g++

# i686-pc-mingw32-g++ -g -Wall -Iinclude -I../../library/include   -c
-o NPOTAdlg.o NPOTAdlg.cpp
# windres -Iinclude res/NPOTAdlg.rc -O coff -o res/NPOTAdlg.res
# i686-pc-mingw32-g++ -s -mwindows -static-libgcc -static-libstdc++
-lwininet  NPOTA.o NPOTAdlg.o res/NPOTAdlg.res ../../library/library.a
/usr/i686-pc-mingw32/sys-root/mingw/lib/libwininet.a   -o NPOTA

But I get this error on the link (last) step:

  res/NPOTAdlg.res: file not recognized: File format not recognized

This program is a clone of another program I wrote a couple of years
ago (I wanted to re-use the Windows framework I had developed).
However, at that time, I was using 32-bit Cygwin, not 64-bit Cygwin.

Is there a work-around for this, other than re-creating a 32-bit
Cygwin environment?

Thanks - Jim

Jim Reisert AD1C, <>,

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