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startx xauth unknown command (was Re: Installing X11 on a Dell E6440)

On 27/02/2016 17:29, Marco Atzeri wrote:
On 27/02/2016 14:57, Robert Haskins wrote:

{ ~ }  Â startxwin
xauth: (stdin):2:  unknown command "01c8a525b1e7d7cde2587e307895bfa2"
xauth: (stdin):3:  unknown command "01c8a525b1e7d7cde2587e307895bfa2"
xauth: (stdin):4:  unknown command "01c8a525b1e7d7cde2587e307895bfa2"
xauth: (stdin):5:  unknown command "01c8a525b1e7d7cde2587e307895bfa2"

this is strange. But it happens also on my X and it works
so I presume is not the root cause.

Interesting. This seems to be a long-standing upstream bug with startx (of which startxwin is a slightly modified version), (see [1]), that startx does not handle correctly the output of xauth when you have more than one network interface.

Further, if you have many network interfaces, performing rDNS on all their addresses may add significantly to the time it takes to start up the X server.

I think the suggestion of patching startx to use $hostname/unix:0 is a good one, especially since -nolisten tcp is now the default, the X server won't be listening on IP interfaces (... unless someone chooses to startx -- -listen tcp --nolisten unix, in which case it will probably fail horribly ...)

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