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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: coreutils-8.25-1

Eric Blake writes:
[...a bunch of good news elided...]
> If you missed the note in 8.23-2, there is no longer an 'su' program in
> coreutils; this is an upstream decision (many Linux distros are getting
> su from other packages, and even though cygwin's su had come from
> coreutils, it was heavily patched and doesn't work as smoothly as on
> Linux).  I'm still debating whether it is worth trying to capture the
> last release of coreutils' su, as patched to work on cygwin, for
> distribution as an independent package; help would be appreciated from
> anyone else interested in this task.

I can't answer to whether it's worth saving :-) but if it is, I think I 
can help.  Has it diverged enough into Windows-isms that it could fit 
under the cygutils umbrella?  Either there or as a separate su package 
works for me.

Anybody out there using 'su'?  Speak now, or forever hold the pieces.


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