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Re: Unable to start mintty.

Am 30.03.2016 um 4:49 schrieb Andrey Repin:
Greetings, All!

I've not used mintty for quite some time, and discovered today that I no
longer able to start it inside a directory. Quite frustrating moment is that I
can perfectly start it from desktop shortcut, but not from console.
After much fiddling, largely out of desperation, I tried to set LANG= in
console to the same value it have in GUI. Much to my surprise, mintty readily
popped up, like it wasn't a few long hours of constant failure.
The short version:
LANG=ru_RU.CP866  - mintty close immediately.
LANG=ru_RU.UTF-8  - mintty start just fine.
Another useful bit of info: I've had locale/encoding forced to ru_RU/UTF-8 in
mintty settings. Was working fine in the past, overriding the locale set
through environment variables (which let me had different locale setting in
console, and still fully utilize unicode capabilities of mintty started from

I've made two small tweaks to the way I invoke mintty now:
1. I've removed enforced locale in application settings and
2. I've corrected environment in the wrapper calling mintty from console,
but this is not really a desirable solution.
Yes, this has been reported to already, and it seems the small change of 2.3.3 isn't actually causing the problem but may have revealed another lurking bug which I'm currently chasing.
It doesn't seem to happen with option -d, by the way.

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