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wget seemingly modifies file access permissions on XP


(my setup is latest cygwin 32bit on Win XP SP3, logged in as Administrator)

I have just updated my cygwin installation after a year or so and stumbled upon
weird behavior with its wget build. it seems to screw file access permissions on
downloaded files, rendering e.g. downloaded exe files unusable (because even the
administrator doesnt have the rights to execute them).

this hasn't happened before today, but unfortunately I cannot tell a. whether wget
was updated today at all and if it was, b. which version I had installed before.

I'm aware that attaching log files is the preferred way here, but in this
case I have made screenshots because they show perfectly what's going on.
so from within cmd.exe this simple command 'C:\>wget' is executed.

screenshots of the corresponding "file properties | security tab" dialogs:
left side: index.html downloaded with both 1.16.3 and 1.17.1 versions of GNU Wget built
on cygwin. note that "Users" is also there but out of visible range and I cannot resize
the dialog for the screenshot.
right side: the same file downloaded with 1.17.1 built on mingw32, as dowloaded from ( to be exact)

seconds before hitting "send" here, I realized that the problem also exists if wget
is run from within bash/mintty; in this case, there's even more "ghost" groups added
as you can see in the screenshots above: there's one additional group "Power Users"
and sometimes also a very long, numeric entry such as "S-457547547457-3434636436-"
whcih disappears after a second or so.

I tried uninstalling, then reinstalling wget with setup*.exe, it didn't help.
the only workaround I can currently come up with is simply replacing the cygwin
build with the ming32 one; seems to work fine so far.

hope my description/problem explanation was accurate enough.

does anyone have an idea what may have happened that causes this?

many thanks

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