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Re: How can I try a newly build package locally?

On Tue, Apr 05, 2016 at 02:58:49PM -0700, thoni56 wrote:
> I'm a maintainer of a program that I'd might like to propose for inclusion in
> the Cygwin distribution.
> We use CMake so there is a packager available, and it's easy to create a
> .bz2 package.
> Once I've created the package, how can I try it locally? In Linux this can
> easily be done with dpkg, but is there a way to use the Cygwin package
> installer so that it picks up a local package?
> I've read [the package contribution documentation][1] and related pages but
> can't find an answer.
> /Thomas
>   [1]:

Cygwin packages generally use Cygport to define the build process and so
forth.  It's more-or-less the equivalent of rpmbuild for RPM packages,
and similar tools for other distribution systems.  The documentation for
Cygport is at; if you're using
make in a reasonably standard way, most things should Just Workâ.

In particular, if you're using Cygport, it'll automatically do things
like creating setup.hint files for you.

For testing locally, I find it's simplest to just do `tar -xaC/ -f
<tarball>` on the compiled tarballs that Cygport generates.  That
doesn't test the dependency management or anything that requires
post-install scripts, but it's fine for checking the installation itself

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