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Re: Cygwin DLL 2.5.1 setup-x86_64.exe flagged by AVG for IDP.ARES.Generic

Ron Gaw writes:
> When I ran setup-x86_64.exe (the newly downloaded version 2.5.1), AVG
> popped up and warned that IDP.ARES.Generic was detected attempting to
> install, and asked me to "Protect" by removing the threat.  I
> (hopefully) erred on the side of caution and agreed to the protection.

> I've searched the Mailing lists at Cygwin and I've Google searched for
> the IDP.ARES.Generic issue (including variations of the Google search
> to require mention of Cygwin in the results returned), but I'm not
> finding anything.

It's a false positive based on a faulty heuristic meant to catch certain
types of polymorphic malware.  Each time setup.exe gets updated they
seem to need another report before they whitelist setup.exe again.  So
please report it to AVG.

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