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Re: Fatal error in wget 1.17.1

I don't think so.

Î ls cygwin*
cygwin-console-helper.exe*  cygwin1.dll*

I did a full search through the start menu but I only got the above
cygwin1.dll It seems to me that the current wget package is built on
an old version of cygwin. But I'm only guessing.

On Tue, May 3, 2016 at 1:03 AM, Eric Blake <> wrote:
> On 05/02/2016 03:32 PM, Jon Ronnenberg wrote:
>> Hi all. I'm new here and this is my first post.
>> I've just installed wget (GNU Wget 1.17.1 built on cygwin) and got the
>> following error:
>> sh
>> Downloading the colorization model...
>>       1 [main] wget (14720) C:\cygwin64\bin\wget.exe: *** fatal error -
>> cygheap base mismatch detected - 0x180330400/0x18033E400.
>> This problem is probably due to using incompatible versions of the cygwin
>> DLL.
> In all likelihood, you really do have two versions of cygwin1.dll
> installed on your computer.
> Following the directions listed here:
>> --
>> Problem reports:
> in particular, the instructions to run cygcheck and attach the output,
> will help identify not only if you do have two cygwin installations, but
> where the second is installed, so that you can delete the one you don't
> need.
> --
> Eric Blake   eblake redhat com    +1-919-301-3266
> Libvirt virtualization library

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