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Re: Deterministic builds

On May 5, 2016, at 11:59 AM, Ken Brown <> wrote:
> Ismail's suggestion did indeed produce deterministic builds in my setup.  I built a large project with about 150 executables, changed a few source files, removed the build directory, rebuilt, and found that only the (expected) few executables changed.

âand does it do the same on a very different system?  e.g. Try it on both 64-bit Windows 10 and on 32-bit Windows 7.

Perhaps you donât need it, but part of the reason for the big push recently for reproducible builds is to be able to verify that binaries from a given source (e.g. Red Hatâs RPM feed) are in fact buildable from the sources distributed from the same source (e.g. Red Hatâs SRPMs).

The usual motivation for that is security: itâs no good receiving an SRPM with a security patch if the binary that yum installs still has the bug.

Therefore, if you get âreproducibleâ builds on only a single machine, you may not have achieved any useful result.
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