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RE: Formatting command line arguments when starting a Cygwin process from a native process


Peter Rosin wrote:
> I think cygwin emulates posix shell style command line parsing when
> invoked from a Win32 process (like you do). So, try single quotes:
> commandLine = "callee.exe \"@\"te\"\n\"st fo@o bar\" \"baz baz '*'
> '\"\\'\"'";
> I get this (w/o noglob):
> argc = 7
> argv[0] = callee
> argv[1] = @te
> st
> argv[2] = fo@o
> argv[3] = bar baz
> argv[4] = baz
> argv[5] = *
> argv[6] = "'"

Yes, that seems to be approximately the way I arrived at too - my concern
with all the extra quoting is then hitting the Windows limit on command line
length (I'd like to avoid needing @response files as much as possible). So
with various experimenting, the slightly odd scheme I've come up with is
that if none of the arguments contain double-quote characters, then set
noglob and use the quoting mechanism previously described (so whitespace
within an argument or an @ at the beginning of an argument needing
double-quoting) and if a double-quote character appears in any of the
arguments, then don't set noglob and escape every argument with
double-quotes (to avoid globbing) - any double-quote characters within can
then be escaped with "'"'" (i.e. terminate the current quote string,
single-quote a double-quote and then resume a quote string!). Messy, but
that seems to be about the only way...


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