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Re: Is there a partitioning toll and file system tool in cygwin?

On May 12, 2016, at 8:16 AM, Peder Sverdrup <> wrote:
> I would like to format an external harddrive with ext3.

Marcoâs answer will get you that far.  Howeverâ

> (And then do a backup of my windows file with my rsync script to the external harddrive.)

âthe e2fsprogs package isnât going to get you a Windows kernel driver for ext3 filesystems, so you arenât going to be able to mount the formatted filesystem under Windows.  All you can do with e2fsprogs is write a fresh filesystem onto a block device and then run things like tune2fs to modify it in place.

Cygwin generally leaves low-level filesystem issues up to the OS.  The only filesystems Cygwin actually provides are virtual ones like /dev and /proc.

I think you should be looking at something like Paragon ExtFS for Windows instead:

There are alternatives, but I cannot recommend any from personal experience.  I havenât used Paragonâs Windows products, either, but I have used their NTFS for OS X product, and never had any problems with it.

You might also consider going the other way: use NTFS on that backup drive to make Windows (and thus Cygwin) happy, then use fuse-ntfs3g on the Linux side to mount the drive.

Either way you go, youâre going to run into semantic mismatches, such as permission mapping problems.  Thatâs unavoidable.

> For instance - I can not find fdisk.

I donât know about other extfs drivers for Windows, but Paragonâs includes a disk partitioning and formatting tool.
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