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Re: system lags and dysfunctional after cygwin update

On 5/12/2016 10:44 AM, Marco Atzeri wrote:
On 12/05/2016 16:35, Ben Altman wrote:

 Another thing that happens is that
Internet Explorer stops working - it loads unresponsive and then
crashes. Chrome loads but won't reach any website. Firefox works but
will become unresponsive frequently. Rebooting fixes the issue until I
do something in one of my scripts that triggers it again.

These can not be an effect of cygwin.
Something else cripped your system.

That is the puzzling thing. It only happens when I am running cygwin or babun and I can trigger it anytime just by doing ordinary scripting things. I can easily reproduce the situation though I obviously try to avoid that. The report script used to run twice daily during the day but because it now runs for up to 3 hours and causes the situation at the point where the joins are done I now run it at night so I can reboot my system first thing in the morning. If I run it during the day I would have to work with a slow system even after it completed so would need to reboot. I now have it set to run at night so I can reboot first thing in the morning.

Before getting up to the joins, I grab data off an ldap server and use sqlcmd to get data from a sql server. I am getting data for 14 databases and I do it concurrently and it appears to work fine. When it reaches the joins, suddenly everything slows and becomes unstable. Another script I have which I use to search flat files also runs in to a similar situation though it doesn't use "join" and I haven't worked out which line triggers it.


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