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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] clamav 0.99.1-1

On 2016-05-13 13:51, Mike Bonnet wrote:
The build issue was a red herring, sorry about that. It turns out a
specific file, xdate.exe, is causing clamscan to segfault. This is an
old file, from 2012, used for date formatting, but it has just started
causing problems. I've reproduced the segfault in 0.99.1-1 and 0.98.7-2
running on Cygwin64 on Windows Server 2012, but didn't go any further
back than that.


Thanks for narrowing this down to a test case.

I was able to reproduce this too on both Windows 7 (sporadically) and Server 2012 (consistently), but only after updating the "daily" signatures from 21513 to 21539. Upgrading to 0.99.2 locally did not help, but disabling bytecode (e.g. --bytecode=no in CLI) seems to be a workaround.

Therefore, I suspect its either a bug in LLVM JIT (certainly possible) or in register handling in Cygwin. Either way, it's going to be some "fun" to track this down further.

Sounds like this should be reported to Clamav upstream. Is anyone
involved with Clamav already, that could report this to the right
people, or do I need to start signing up for mailing lists? :)

There is a bugzilla, but I suspect this will have to be fixed on our end somewhere.


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