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Re: Possible issue with newest version of git (v 2.8) under Cygwin

On Tue, May 10, 2016 at 09:59:50AM -0400, andrew stern wrote:
> >I'm not sure I understand what you're seeing: if your repository is
> >already set up with core.filemode set to false, Git won't check the
> >executable flag on the files.  What leads you to think the speed
> >slow-down is related to checking whether the file is executable?
> >If setting cygexec makes a noticable speed difference even with
> >core.filemode false, I can only conclude the problem is somewhere
> >below Git and related to how the Cygwin DLL provides file access.
> >FWIW, having just checked the Cygwin user guide's fstab
> >instructions[0], the noacl setting should be ignored on NFS
> >filesystems; if you're seeing that make a difference, that looks like
> >a bug.
> I tried a clone and pull both with the noacl and without the noacl. In
> my experiment without the noacl it was much faster when doing pulls
> after someone else checked in changes.  I located on the web a
> reference to noacl being slow when doing a stat under cygwin and
> figured if I prevent reading each file it might be faster so I went to
> my noacl directory and did a pull of their changes after adding the
> cygexec flag after the noacl flag.  Instead of being tens of minutes
> it was just a bit over a minute and a half.

To be absolutely clear: if you mount an NFS share with noacl set, you
get a noticable speed increase versus not setting noacl?

> Although the repository
> is on a NFS drive the local file system is NTFS and I see it spending
> lots of time doing the update on the merge even though it is just a
> couple of files that have changed.  I'm still trying to figure out
> what exactly is going on and how best to deal with the permissioning
> issue that we are now experiencing.  After discussions we would rather
> have it slow then have bad permission problems but I'd rather not have
> either issue.

Am I correct in understanding you have multiple users trying to access
the same shared Git working repository?  I'm aware it's a workaround
rather than an actual solution, but I'd expect you'd have better luck
with each having a separate working copy on your local machine rather
than sharing a common working copy.

> If I leave off the noacl and do a clone followed by a push and pull we
> end up with the following error in the Windows security tab:
>   The permissions on file.cpp are incorrectly ordered, which may cause
> some entries to be ineffective.

Yes, I've seen that before; it's a problem with the underlying
cygwind1.dll rather than a problem with Git.  I believe the consensus
from people on this list who know more about Windows permissions than me
is that the warning is actually benign and can be ignored.

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