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Re: Possible issue with newest version of git (v 2.8) under Cygwin

On 5/14/2016 8:03 AM, Adam Dinwoodie wrote:
If I leave off the noacl and do a clone followed by a push and pull we
>end up with the following error in the Windows security tab:
>   The permissions on file.cpp are incorrectly ordered, which may cause
>some entries to be ineffective.
Yes, I've seen that before; it's a problem with the underlying
cygwind1.dll rather than a problem with Git.  I believe the consensus
from people on this list who know more about Windows permissions than me
is that the warning is actually benign and can be ignored.

As I read the Cygwin documentation, the problem is that windows permissions and POSIX permissions don't line up very well. In order to faithfully reproduce POSIX permissions, Cygwin uses legal but non-standard ordering of ACEs. Windows' security tab thinks this is a problem, but it really isn't. To quote from the documentation here:

   Unfortunately the security tab in the file properties dialog of the
   Windows Explorer insists to rearrange the order of the ACEs to
   canonical order before you can read them. Thank God, the sort order
   remains unchanged if one presses the Cancel button. But don't even
   *think* of pressing OK...

So it would seem the problem as such lies with Windows' security tab.

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