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Permissions Problems

I have seen problems similar to those reported in "RE: Possible issue with newest version of git (v 2.8) under Cygwin", but I did not want to hijack that thread.

For me, the problems have been elusive. Scripts that used to work would fail as created directories had bad permissions, but I didn't have time to sort them out. In the last week, I finally had time to read through the documentation on the ntsec page and try some tests, and of course now I'm having trouble reproducing the problems. You'd think that was a good thing, right?

I had been using /etc/passwd from mkpasswd, and based on recommendations here, I modified nsswitch for passwd: db. This seemed to work fine, and I decided I was all set.

Then Windows update rebooted over the weekend, and nothing worked, and returning to 'files' resolved the problem.

The exacerbating factor here is that I have a laptop connected to my work domain, but we use cached windows credentials when we are not on the work LAN (like at home over the weekend). In this scenario, cygwin was apparently unable to determine my username, and hence was unable to locate my home directory. The username is apparently cached successfully if I reboot at work and then go offline, but not if I reboot offline.

Does this mean I need to stay with 'passwd: files db' for the foreseeable future, or is it possible to find the username in this scenario?

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