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Re: Help debugging a dll issue

On 5/19/2016 11:28 PM, Sam Habiel wrote:
I had trouble with dlopen in Cygwin, where it did not behave intuitively. In my case, I was
dlopening libicu and friends. If you search using my name on the Cygwin mailing list, you should be
able to find out how I resolved the issue. I don't recall exactly what I did, but I think it was
that Cygwin put everything in a global namespace, and you need to dlsym NULL to grab the function

I just tried using NULL for the handle in dlsym, and I get the same result as before, and it
does not change between using RTLD_LOCAL or RTLD_GLOBAL in dlopen.

What I am seeing is that looking up one symbol is giving the value for a totally different
one -- it's not returning an error indication.

And this same wrong value is what happens if I just allow the natural linking to take place
(which is what I really want to happen -- the dl calls simply help focus the issue).

I will look up your previous issue, though, to see if there is something else there of use
in this situation.

Regards -- EM

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