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[ANNOUNCEMENT] smartmontools 6.5-1

The following packages have been uploaded to the Cygwin distribution:

* smartmontools-6.5-1

Changes include:
- Experimental support for NVMe devices on FreeBSD, Linux and Windows.
- smartctl '-i', '-c', '-H' and '-l error': NVMe support.
- smartctl '-l nvmelog': New option for NVMe.
- smartd.conf '-H', '-l error' and '-W': NVMe support.
- Optional NVMe device scanning support on Linux and Windows.
- Device scanning now allows to specify multiple '-d TYPE' options.
- ATA: Added new POWER MODE values introduced in ATA ACS-2.
- ATA: SCT commands are no longer issued if ATA Security is locked.
- SCSI: LB provisioning improvements.
- SCSI: Fixed GLTSD bit set/cleared info messages.
- SCSI: Solid State media log page is no longer checked for tapes.
- SCSI: Improved handling when no tape cartridge in drive.
- SCSI: Workaround for buggy Seagate firmware.
- SAT: Improved heuristics to detect bogus sense data from SAT layer.
- smartd: Fixed crash on missing argument to '-s' directive.
- update-smart-drivedb: Now uses HTTPS for download by default.
- update-smart-drivedb: New options to select URL and download tool.
- update-smart-drivedb: New download tool 'svn'.
- Drive database file now also includes the DEFAULT setting
  for each attribute.
- HDD, SSD and USB additions to drive database.
- Windows: Auto detection of USB devices specified by drive letter.
- Windows: Device scanning does no longer ignore unknown USB devices.
- Windows: Prevent drive spin up by '-n standby' check.

For a full list of changes see NEWS and ChangeLog in
/usr/share/doc/smartmontools and ticket report at

For open issues see

Christian Franke

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