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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mintty 2.3.7

I have uploaded mintty 2.3.7 with the following changes:

Text display:
  * Fixed double-width line display (#551).
  * Enabled non-BMP right-to-left display.
* Fixed italic font height and underline placement with option RowSpacing.
  * Tweaked underline handling and positioning (~#551).
  * Workaround for glyph confusion (#285).

Terminal input / Keyboard:
  * Application keypad modified keys send sequences like in xterm (#506).
* Option CtrlExchangeShiftExchange exchanges Control characters with Ctrl+Shift shortcuts (#524). * Fix drag-and-drop file/folder to also honour bracketed paste mode (#440).

Terminal control:
  * Escape sequence OSC 7 with empty string restores the default behaviour.
  * Shortcut key Shift+Ctrl+A for "Select All".

* Loading config also from XDG default config dir (#525) or Windows AppData dir (#201). * Option OpeningClicks configures whether documents are opened on single/double/triple Ctrl+mouse-click (#545).

The homepage is at
It also links to the issue tracker.


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