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Re: nm for .exe extensions?

On 24/05/2016 14:43, Benjamin Cao wrote:

I am working with a customer on using the nm command in Cygwin for Windows. The customer wants to be able to generate a symbol table on *.exe files similar to what nm does on unix platforms. The executable, when run with nm in Cygwin, results in a "no symbols" result, whereas it generates a symbol table in unix.

I understand that these commands will certainly be different in both Cygwin for Windows and the unix platforms, but is there any way that *.exe will generate a symtab with nm?

Note: The customer said the Windows "dumpbin" does not satisfy his needs either... what fun.

Ben Cao

How was compiled the *.exe file ?

For both Unix and Windows stripped programs do not contain any more any symbol. Example from one of my package:

$ nm ncview.exe |wc -l

$ nm ncview.exe |tail
00440824 T _XUndefineCursor
00424b8b t _xy_track_pointer
0062a230 b _y0.4078
0062a270 b _y0.4110
00424864 t _yaxis_range_callback
00626a68 b _ydim_selection_widget
00626a6c b _ydimlist_label_widget
00626a70 b _ydimlist_widget
00632890 i fthunk
00632498 i hname

$ nm /usr/bin/ncview.exe
nm: /usr/bin/ncview.exe: no symbols

As the installed version was stripped.

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