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Re: changes in 32-bit Cygwin OpenGL causing crashes?

On 25 May 2016 at 02:08,  <> wrote:
>> It seems still the same problem with dri-drivers
>> probably caused by LLVM 3.7
> Unfortunately, the dri-driver versions available in the installer
> depend on LLVM 3.7, so, even though reverting back to LLVM 3.5
> is offered when you select llvm, you can't pull in a dri-driver
> that works with that older version of LLVM to test that hypothesis.
> So, not much point to offering that older version of LLVM.

dri-driver via LLVM is a hack on top of a hack on top of a hack as the
developer of the software will tell you. It works in the use cases he
develops for but outside of that you are very much all alone. So even
trying to have a 'known' good is hard for this because what worked on
your laptop/system may not work at all on any other one.

Heck it might not even work when the Windows OS underneath does an
update even though the hardware worked. To quote the road sign

Expect problems. Road construction ahead.

If you are needing better stability then you need to staff up
somewhere to have people to fix those problems.

> Regardless of the fact that OpenGL is broken (again), this is
> really a problem with Cygwin as a perennial work-in-progress
> and its (lack of) version control.
> I'd like to be able to download a stable-known-to-work-on
> a-specified date golden-master Cygwin, without incremental
> upgrades, and revert to that known-to-work Cygwin if needs
> be. Once every six months? I'd be good with that.
> Lloyd Wood
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Stephen J Smoogen.

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