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Re: emacs gud-interface is not updated after gdb command execution (maybe because of incomplete output from gdb)

On 5/26/2016 10:55 AM, Tobias Zawada wrote:
Thanks, Ken for the following info:

This looks like a bug I reported several years ago; it actually has
nothing to do with emacs:

It was fixed but then reappeared some months later:

It was fixed again but apparently is back. The test case from the
original report still exhibits the problem.

I had a look at the elisp-function gdb-send.

The command process-send-string is used there for sending commands to gdb.

Is it right that the problem manifests itself already there?

The doc of process-send-string says that this command may send the string
contents as separate bunches of data.

If the output is already incomplete because of the partitioned input through
process-send-string I see no way for a cygwin-specific workaround and we must
wait for a fix of gdb.

I already wrote a test case (which was improved by cgf) in my original bug report. As you can see from reading that old thread, the problem *is* Cygwin specific and is provoked without partitioned input.

Do you know where I should report the bug?

This email thread is the right place to report the bug.


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