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Re: xpdf relocation error

On 5/27/2016 5:45 PM, Jaakov Jaakov wrote:

Volker wrote:
Ken Brown writes:

   > On 5/14/2016 6:56 AM, Jaakov Jaakov wrote:
   >> This rebasement does not seem to survive updates or reinstalls.
I know
   >> that rebasement is difficult, but still, could you, perhaps,
solve it in
   >> a more long-term way?

   > As was pointed out in the first post on this subject
   > (, simply
rebuilding from
   > source with the current gcc seems to fix the problem. I've also
verified this.

   > I assume the xpdf maintainer, Volker Zell, will rebuild it when
he has a chance.
   > In the meantime, are you able to build it yourself?  If not, I
can provide a
   > binary for you.

Will rebuild in last week of june, no cygwin time right now...
      > Ken

Dear Ken:

Sorry it took me quite a bit to reply. Thank you a lot for the offer. If
you really can rebuild earlier than Volker and upload a new binary
package version (I guess, 3.03-5), please do so.

You can get my build of xpdf-3.04-1 from my personal Cygwin repository:

There are instructions there.

Be careful what you install. I have a lot of updated packages there for my own use and/or testing. As far as I know, they all work well. But you might not feel like being a guinea pig.


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