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Re: The font "TeX Gyre Termes" cannot be found.

Ken wrote:
On 5/13/2016 9:26 PM, Jaakov Jaakov wrote:

Invalid fontname `TeX Gyre Termes', contains ' '

! fontspec error: "font-not-found"
! ! The font "TeX Gyre Termes" cannot be found.
! ! See the fontspec documentation for further information.
! ! For immediate help type H <return>.
\setromanfont[Ligatures=TeX]{TeX Gyre Termes}

executing   fc-cache -f  won't help. Any way to repair the system?

Did you run /usr/bin/texlive-enable-fontconfig? (See the release announcement for TeX Live 2015 or /usr/share/doc/texlive/README.Cygwin.) Ken

Dear Ken:

Thank you for the notice. In fact, I had expected xelatex to work "out of the box", but I see now that I was wrong. Probably I should read those announcements regularly. In any case: yes, your script takes several minutes (somewhere between 5 and 10 on my system) to run, but after that xelatex detects TeX Gyre Termes like a charm. Thanks again!

Best regards,
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