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Re: [nfs-server] Hazardous changes introduced in 2.3-6

>That's your and only your mistake.
>I hope you've learned from it and will not repeat the same mistake 

Thank you for your reply. I'm looking into alternative ways of configuring my
share but haven't had much luck with any other option.

Consider my use case: I wish to only share the contents of my Window's User
directory for read/write operations and I am the only user of this machine.

If I run the services as, say, the SYSTEM account, there are files that are not
accessible to that account that I still wish to share. Furthermore, any files
that are created in the share from the mounting Linux system will be written to
the Windows filesystem as if they are owned by the SYSTEM account. These issues
would not be resolved by creating and using a new "NFS server" Windows account
for the service, either.

I think it's a perfectly valid expectation to utilize a login user account as
the NFS services user. In fact, it can actually be safer if one were to only
login as a "Basic" Windows user account for day-to-day work and use that for the
NFS services, too. The SYSTEM account has all kinds of access to modify, well,
the system, so I don't think it's wise to use that one for the services (if
that's what you were implying with your response)

And still, the problem still exists that the current setup script is a landmine
waiting for the next unsuspecting user to type their own account name into the

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