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Re: Is it possible to hide emacs-w32 console window?

On 2016-05-29, Ken Brown wrote:

> On 5/28/2016 5:08 PM, Oleksandr Gavenko wrote:
>> emacs-w32 starts console window and that useless window disturbs during task
>> switching (by Alt+TAB) and take space on TaskBar.
>> Is it possible to hide emacs-w32 console window?
> Sorry, I don't know what console window you're talking about.  Exactly how do
> you start emacs-w32?  I start it by typing 'emacs-w32 &' in a Cygwin terminal
> (mintty), and there's no console window.
Sorry I forgot to add this detail.

I use Win+R emacs-w32 ENTER.

If I start from terminal (cmd.exe or mintty) it works as in your case.

But otherwise "ConsoleWindowClass" (from spy++) window is opened (like cmd.exe
but without working prompt) along with regular Emacs windows.

Closing that window also closes Emacs.

I try:

  #include <windows.h>
  int WINAPI WinMain(HINSTANCE hInstance, HINSTANCE hPrevInstance, PSTR lpCmdLine, INT nCmdShow) {
      MessageBoxW(NULL, L"Hello", L"Ok", MB_OK);
      return 0;


  gcc -Wl,--subsystem,windows -o mb.exe mb.c

and on:

   Win+R C:\home\my\tmp\mb.exe ENTER

I don't see console window.

I don't know if it is possible to link emacs-w32 with --subsystem=windows.

mintty.exe has dependency on cygwin1.dll and does not bring up cmd-like
console along with xterm console.


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