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Fwd: 2.5.2 x86-64: problem in program options in boost library

64 bit Cywgin 2.5.2 on Wine: python fails with sem_init: Invalid argument

[ANNOUNCEMENT] [Updated/New] Perl distributions

[ANNOUNCEMENT] asciinema 1.3.0-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] aspell-en 2016.06.26.0-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] ca-certificates 2.8-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] clang 3.8.1-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] curl 7.50.0-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] dejavu-fonts 2.36-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] djgpp-gcc 5.4.0-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] fish 2.3.1-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] GeoIP-database 20160711-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] gimp 2.8.18-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] glew 1.13.0-1


[ANNOUNCEMENT] gucharmap 9.0.0-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] httpd 2.4.23-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] imlib2 1.4.9-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] inkscape 0.91-5


[ANNOUNCEMENT] krb5 1.14.1-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] libarchive 3.1.2-4

[ANNOUNCEMENT] libpsl 0.13.0-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] libspectre 0.2.8-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] libvpx 1.5.0-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] libwebp 0.4.4-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] llvm 3.8.1-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] mesa 12.0.1-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] mesa-demos 8.3.0-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] mingw64-*-libXpm 3.5.11-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] mysql 10.1.14-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] mysql 10.1.16-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] ncurses 6.0-6.20160709

[ANNOUNCEMENT] netpbm 10.74.05-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] New Package : qpdf-6.0.0-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] New: words-3.0-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] pdf2djvu 0.9.4-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] php 5.6.23-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] php 5.6.24-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] php-jsonc 1.3.10-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] pocl 0.13-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] poppler 0.45.0-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] popt 1.16-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] qpdfview 0.4.16-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Re: Updated: octave-4.0.3-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] stunnel-5.35-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] tzdata 2016f-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] unicode-ucd 9.0.0-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] units 2.13-1

Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: gnuplot-5.0.3-1: A command-line driven interactive function plotting utility

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: libebml-1.3.4-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: libmatroska-1.4.5-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mintty 2.4.0

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mintty 2.4.1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mkvtoolnix-9.3.1-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mutt-1.6.2-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: octave-4.0.3-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: perl-Text-CSV_XS-1.24-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: wget-1.18-1

Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: xorg-server-1.18.3-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: xorg-server-1.18.4-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] vim 7.4.1990-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] xerces-c 3.1.4-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] xorg-x11-fonts 7.5-3

[arnstein at pobox dot com: Re: look: no words file]

[PATCH] Better UNC path support in chere

Re: Anecdotal: Rebase and Visual Studio 2015 and /etc

Autorebase hangs on install

Can't Delete Home Directory - Unknown+User:Unknown+Group

RE: chere not seeing my preferred $HOME

clock skew detected in archive member

curl doesn't follow redirection?

CVS version 32 vs 64-bit

cygcheck feature request: cygwin1.dll build info

cygpath -w 'a"b'

cygstart.exe can't open file:///C:/

cygwinX xwin resolution

Error Message

Failure of cygwin install

Font error message during Cygwin update (mostly harmless)

The function ioctl bug

help Unsubscribe

Hi cygwin

how to build cygwin from source?

How to build Emacs in Cygwin environment?

how to compile cygwin from sources in cygwin(win 7)?

Install bug(s): bzip2-1 and x3270

Latest Ghostscript 9.19.1 problematic

Launch windows program with windows env var

Re: Lengthy "xmlto" build step in Cygwin.

look: no words file

Midnight Commander is very slow when starting and changing directories

Mintty 2.4.0 and Deja Vu Sans Mono 2.35: issue with bold

Re: mintty issue with version 2.3.7

obsolete package libpopt0 dependencies

Older versions of Cygwin setup.exe


Re: Problem with git on cygwin64 on Windows 10 (2.8.3-1), again

Problem With SShd

pylint missed dependency python-setuptools

question about clearing all pending updates from setup.exe

Re: Repairing permissions after windows reinstall

Re: Repairing permissions after windows reinstall -- scripts to do it

REQUEST: Add php-pcntl to setup

scanf and m modifier

Re: Setup of texlive-collection-basic waits in postinstall/0p_texlive_prep.dash

Setup with HTTPS mirror

SSIZE_MAX bug on 32-bit

strace red herring ?

symlinks to unlinked but open files should work

Re: Syntax for sed .. altered?

System tray menu tuning & Xwin0.log in mintty console with startx

Fwd: Updated: {xfig/xfig-lib}-3.2.5c-3: An interactive drawing tool

Re: Use of spawnvp function makes console window appear.

WARNING: Couldn't compute FAST_CWD pointer

Re: Why does ldd not show cyg*.dll in its output?

xfig doc files permissions

xfig-3.2.5c-3 fails in displaying text


Re: exit code 2

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