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Re: sqlite3: deprecated declarations

2016-09-02 8:23 GMT+02:00 Yaakov Selkowitz:
> Jan,
> Please enable deprecated declarations in sqlite3.h.  While it's nice in
> theory to say that they are deprecated and shouldn't be used, the reality is
> that real-world code still uses them and therefore fails to build as-is
> without them.

Thanks!  I'll do that in the next build. Still, I'm interested to know
which real-word code still uses it, so a bug-report can be sent
to them. All of those 6 functions where deprecated for a reason!

SQLITE_DEPRECATED int sqlite3_aggregate_count(sqlite3_context*);
** This function is deprecated.  Do not use it for new code.  It is
** provide only to avoid breaking legacy code.  New aggregate function
** implementations should keep their own counts within their aggregate
** context.

SQLITE_DEPRECATED int sqlite3_expired(sqlite3_stmt*);
** Return TRUE (non-zero) of the statement supplied as an argument needs
** to be recompiled.  A statement needs to be recompiled whenever the
** execution environment changes in a way that would alter the program
** that sqlite3_prepare() generates.  For example, if new functions or
** collating sequences are registered or if an authorizer function is
** added or changed.

SQLITE_DEPRECATED int sqlite3_transfer_bindings(sqlite3_stmt*, sqlite3_stmt*);
** Deprecated external interface.  Internal/core SQLite code
** should call sqlite3TransferBindings.
** It is misuse to call this routine with statements from different
** database connections.  But as this is a deprecated interface, we
** will not bother to check for that condition.
** If the two statements contain a different number of bindings, then
** an SQLITE_ERROR is returned.  Nothing else can go wrong, so otherwise
** SQLITE_OK is returned.

SQLITE_DEPRECATED int sqlite3_global_recover(void);
** This function is now an anachronism. It used to be used to recover from a
** malloc() failure, but SQLite now does this automatically.

SQLITE_DEPRECATED void sqlite3_thread_cleanup(void);
** This is a convenience routine that makes sure that all thread-specific
** data for this thread has been deallocated.
** SQLite no longer uses thread-specific data so this routine is now a
** no-op.  It is retained for historical compatibility.

SQLITE_DEPRECATED int sqlite3_memory_alarm(void(*)(void*,sqlite3_int64,int),
** Deprecated external interface.  It used to set an alarm callback
** that was invoked when memory usage grew too large.  Now it is a
** no-op.

       Jan Nijtmans

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