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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated/Test: base-files-4.3-1

Achim Gratz wrote:
4.3-1 (feature release)
     * Cygwin.bat: Add to base-files.  This version is independent of
       the actual install path, see:

Thanks for accepting the patch.

Unfortunately I missed a detail: The postinstall script does not preserve the x-permission of Cygwin.bat. This is required if run from explorer or with 'cygstart /Cygwin.bat'.

Possible fix attached. Alternatively remove the 'touch' command and the x-permission from etc/defaults/etc/profile.


---	2016-09-03 13:37:59.000000000 +0200
+++	2016-09-04 12:42:40.805222900 +0200
@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@
   if [ ! -e ${fDest} -a ! -L ${fDest} ]; then
     echo "Using the default version of ${fDest} (${fSrc})"
     /usr/bin/mkdir -p $(dirname ${fDest})
-    /usr/bin/touch ${fDest}
+    test "${fDest}" = "/Cygwin.bat" || /usr/bin/touch ${fDest}
     /usr/bin/cp ${fSrc} ${fDest}
     echo "${fDest} is already in existence, not overwriting."

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